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Special Kneads Bakery 

Community Support 

We work with several Western New York agencies to provide internship and other vocational opportunities to persons with developmental disabilities. It is our future goal to gainfully employ these special people as the Brian’s Best Gluten free Bakery continues to grow…Tammy was an intern at Brian's Best GF Bakery through the Pathways Program at People Inc. She's did a terrific job!


Special Programs

We host programs that provide social and recreational opportunities while reinforcing practical life-skills using hands-on techniques in the kitchen.

Brian's Best currently collaborates with Decamville Piano to offer 'Treats & Tunes' to participants interested in baking and food (who isn't?) to our special knead community and plans to offer more diverse programming in the future.


Welcome to our website.

Special Kneads for Very Special People..


Our mission at Special Kneads Bakery is to provide programs for recreation
and socialization along with opportunities for vocational training and future employment
for individuals with disabilities in Western New York.   We leverage a relationship with 
Brian’s Best Gluten Free, LLC, where we are able to utilize work space and
equipment at the bakery and leverage business relationships to pursue
our goals and #2, we hope to inspire people to perceive the disabled
community as a viable economic force that feeds – rather than feeds on - the local economy and tax base.
We encourage all independent business people (teachers, artists,
musicians, entertainers, etc.), looking to broaden their customer base
and/or students looking to expand their resumes to consider doing any
number of programs in the bakery for this wonderful community – that
will embrace you with open arms, and reward you with a sense of gratitude
and graciousness that can only be found by working with these very special

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